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Kristal Parks, M.A., is a speaker, author, activist, biologist, environmentalist, elephant conservationist, contemplative, childrenís entertainer and visionary.

She holds a B.Sc. in Biology and Chemistry and an M.A. in Justice, Peace and Social Transformation.


  • Non-violence and the Way of Compassion
  • Love in Action for the Earth and Her Critters
  • Heart-Centered Sacred Activism: Weaving a Tapestry of Justice from Various Shades, Hues and Textures of Interconnected Liberation Movements
  • Elephants: Their Majesty and Peril
  • The Stunning Intelligence of Animals and Why We Should Collaborate with Them to Save the Planet


To whom it may concern,

I first encountered Kristal Parks on KPFK’s “Aware Show”. While listening to the “Aware Show” driving on the 605 freeway, my heart was blown open by her courage to put her life on the line to protect what she loves. While many activists come from a place of anger, she is an example of an activist committed to “being the change she wishes to see in the world” through love. She walks the Gandhi path. A path motivated by a deep love of all beings. After hearing her on the radio, I was committed to bringing her out to my community in Long Beach, California. When the opportunity came for her to speak to us, I was thrilled. But to actually have her here in person to empower us with her wisdom was even more effective than I thought possible. She gave us the opportunity to look at ourselves and question where we could begin to walk our talk and “to be the change.” Bottom line, Kristal Parks is a powerful catalyst.

Larisa Stow
founder, Prema Darshan Center and DTS recording artist

I have known Kristal Parks for many years as her student and her friend and I recommend her wholeheartedly as a workshop leader, teacher and speaker, whose areas of expertise include environmental studies, ethics, social responsibility, spirituality, mind-body integration, women’s issues and clowning.

She has a long-standing commitment to the environment that she not only incorporates into her personal lifestyle but also into her professional endeavors. Environmental awareness is integral to her outlook, and her presentations always recognize the important role the environment plays in relation to any topic. One of the most creative and centered teachers I have met, Kristal infuses her classes and workshops with an energy and commitment to the earth equal to her respect and affection for people.

She is well grounded in her studies of biology, ethics, spirituality, social systems, and human potential, and because of her inquisitive mind, she continues to expand her knowledge. Innovation rather than repetition comes naturally for her. I have seen her work consistently over a two-year span and am impressed that she does not repeat herself, either in content or in style. Her strongest creative skill is her ability to develop new approaches for each class and to expand the extent and depth of the material. She has taken up clowning, sharpening her skills at conveying ideas quickly and concretely.

Kristal’s gentleness and persistence encourages students to look honestly and intently at issues and their relationship to those issues. Her presentation techniques are centered around individual interactions; although she often introduces subjects, she focuses on activities that involve participants on a personal basis--with readings, art, movement and field work. She welcomes questions and discussion and is careful to ensure that everyone in the group understands that material before moving on to another subject or activity. Her presentations illustrate ably her ability to analyze a subject and to organize material appropriate to the event. By presenting complex material simply, Kristal is able to provide access for everyone to sophisticated and interlinked concepts.

In addition, Kristal has the physical energy and the mental agility to invigorate an audience and to adapt her presentation for their specific interests or needs.

Kristal embodies an open mind, a loving heart, an awake conscience and a playful sense of humor. Anyone who chooses to work with her will find the association enlivening and inspirational.

Sincerely yours,

Mary Alice Parmelee
Editor, AWWA MainStream

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