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Re-Enchanting the World: A Call to Mystical Activism

Our work for the earth, whales and honey bees must come out of profound adoration, ecstatic delight and a vision of the bursting splendor that is reflected in the tiniest ant.

Mysticism that is not compassionately and actively engaged in addressing suffering and injustice is a narcissistic opiate. Activism that doesn't arise from a grounded connection with the Source of life doesn't go deep enough to accomplish lasting peace, justice and ecological sustainability.

So...come with me. All are welcome. Let us learn together, from the non-human world, how to act on her behalf. Come. The table is abundant with delicacies and the wine is chilled. Let us toast together life's magnificence. Bring your banjo and dancing shoes.
from the introduction

Kristal Parks, M.A., brings together the wisdom and perceptions of a disciplined nature mystic with the passion and commitment of a seasoned activist. Her book heralds a stunning new vision for both activism and mysticism alike.


“I finished your book and it is a pure delight and feast of what Creation Spirituality is all about--and the Order of The Sacred Earth too!  Creating mystical warrior-prophets, lovers and defenders of Mother Earth.  Based on the joy of living and being here in this splendid universe. Your whole life is a journey in this path. Your writing is alive and succinct and deep and unadorned, available to many, in everyday words born of a deep heart and plenty of inner work clearly.   Accessible!   I like how you are reinventing the work of justice-making.”

~ Reverend Dr. Matthew Fox author, speaker and founder of Creation Spirituality

"In this whimsically passionate little book, Kristal Parks calls us to “love mischief,” a mystical activism in which love and joy are the revolutionary motives leading to social renewal. Her call has lightness and depth, credibility and passion, because in exemplary fashion she has not only paid the price for engaging in nonviolent action, but she has done the inner work of the spirit. It is her hunch “that what makes a better world is a heart, mind and psyche where war no longer resides.” I can only say: amen, amen, hallelujah. An oyster, Kristal reminds us, knows how to take an irritant and turn it into a magnificent pearl. Which is precisely what she has done in this book."

~Dr. James Olthuis, author of The Beautiful Risk:
A New Psychology of Loving and Being Loved

"Your book is so amazing...Every single student coming into UCS needs to read your know what Creation Spirituality is all about. It was absolutely wonderful...I sat in that restaurant crying and laughing. Tell me how many I can afford to buy? Send me a box full. There are too many people that must have it!!"
~Tahdi Blackstone, Los Angeles director, Institute of Noetic Sciences

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