Our Projects include:

Participate with Pachyderm Power! to Protect & Preserve Elephants!

Things You Can Do:

1. Enjoy entertainment that doesn't use animals, especially not elephants.

2. Ride a bicycle, not an elephant and never go on an elephant safari.

3. Join our campaign to stop the slaughter of elephants in South Africa.

4. Support the ban on ivory.

5. Book Kristal to speak. No audience is too small and no distance too far.

6. Host a fundraising event or financially support our work.

7. Join Kristal's team to Kenya in August of 2008. We will volunteer at the Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary, help the villagers build an orphanage for AIDs kids and help in elephant sustainability projects. For more information, contact: KristalParks@earthlink.net

Kristal Parks, M.A.